23 April 2009

Zulu Mech I: Brother G, Mshindo and Wesley Snipes!

This is the press release for Brother G's Zulu Mech 1:

New York, NY - , 2009 – Zulu Mech 1, a breakthrough African scifi adventure series co-produced by Wesley Snipes, will be unveiled on May 30th at BookExpo America. The press conference is scheduled for 12:00 noon in the African American Pavilion, room 1C01-1C02 at the Jacob Javits Center.

An innovative combination of animation, music, movie techniques and fine art paintings called a “Cinema Graphic Novel,” Zulu Mech 1 is an adventure designed to promote literacy, hope and world peace. Creators Mshindo I and Gregory Walker, aka “Brother G,” the award winning author of the “Shades Of Memnon” historical adventure series, will be on hand to introduce their epic. Snipes, star of the Blade movie trilogy, who serves as Zulu Mech 1 co-producer and voice talent, is also scheduled to appear along with Jonathan Woods, animation director and music composer. Then at 1:00 p.m., activities will shift to the African American Pavilion stage for a presentation entitled “African Legends Past And Future” that closes with a screening of the first Zulu Mech 1 adventure. Upcoming episodes will soon be available on Apple Itunes.

“I think Zulu Mech 1 is a grand adventure," said Snipes. “Everybody knows I love sci-fi, I am always looking for a hot new property and I think I found it! If the fans liked the stuff we did on the Blade series, they are gonna love this. Zulu Mech 1 as written by Brother G and illustrated by the amazing Mshindo brings a fresh, untapped perspective to scifi. I think the world will be pleased. Our hope is to develop ZM1 into one of the hottest franchises around."

Snipes will be providing voice-over for the adventure epic, set in a near future where the nations of the Earth are on the verge of world peace and Africa is a prosperous united state. But just as things look the best, the fate of the world takes a tragic turn as humanity faces an invasion by strange, highly intelligent creatures called “The Elder Race.” The twist is that the Elders come not from outer space, but from inside the Earth, the product of an unknown pre-human evolution. In a brilliant “reverse Planet Of the Apes” scenario, the Elders want things back the way they used to be, before they destroyed their world and placed themselves in a billion year slumber deep inside the planet. Unleashing a devastating attack on humanity with powerful and unknown technology, the Elders intend to take the Earth back. They nearly succeed, until the rise of the amazing Mthunzi family from South Africa, and the forging of the astonishing hero Zulu Mech 1.

“Its Africa based scifi,” said co-creator Gregory “Brother G” Walker,” who is slated to receive an Octavia Butler Humanitarian Award for his novel series “Shades Of Memnon” after the screening. “The Elder race is based on traditions of many African peoples that there was a creation before this creation, a world before this world that was destroyed. And the Zulu Mech is based on African practices involving spiritual “totems” or power items, ancestor communication and tapping into the power of the Earth. There are also heavy doses of nano-technology, advanced metallurgy and other high tech elements. I love the Transformers and Terminator etcetera, but its time we had epics from another perspective. This is truly sci-fi for the age of Obama!”

All who have glimpsed it say the linchpin of the Zulu Mech 1 epic is the amazing artwork of it's co-creator, the acclaimed Mshindo I. With his detailed, fine art quality paintings, dynamic compositions and comic book inspired action sequences, Mshindo brings the epic to life with unprecedented style. Some who have seen the dazzling ZM1 clips have expressed interest in producing video games, toys and other merchandise.

“The Elders unleash giant artificial creatures called “Constructs” to terrorize the Earth,” said Mshindo. “As an artist I get to bring forth imagery and monsters from the traditions of many cultures and that is a lot of fun to illustrate. I am also a fan of giant robots; so it was great creating Zulu Mech 1. As a mechanical creature ZM1 seems similar to other famous mechs, but believe me, he is something different. Zulu Mech 1 is unique, he is a Spiritual Cybernetic Organism.”

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