31 January 2006

IUFSFC 2006!!!

IUF Holds Its First Annual Conference 2006
Exploring African American Speculative Fiction

New York, NY. ---- (IUF) The Invisible Universe Foundation, an organization that researches and promotes the history of African Americans in speculative fiction literature, cinema and related media will hold its first annual conference during Black history month on February 18, 2006 at The City College of New York. The Invisible Universe Foundation is a first of its kind conference examining a broad variety of works in African American fantasy, horror and science fiction or speculative fiction.

The conference theme will be devoted to "Black Vampirism in Literature and Film,” The special guest is L.A. Banks, a prominent African American writer of “The Vampire Huntress Legends Series” and author of over 17 novels. Admission to the IUF conference is twenty-five dollars. It will be held from 1pm to 6pm in the Media and Communication Arts Department, rooms 290/291 at 139 Street and Convent Avenue.

Ms. Dukan, founder of the IUF asserts “other events have been held around the country featuring black speculative fiction authors and filmmakers, but what differentiates the IUF conference is that we bring together cinema, literature, animation, comics and video games to an open channel of communication.”

With an increase in popularity of Black roles in speculative fiction movies and books from Catwoman and X-Men featuring Halle Berry, to Wesley Snipes’ “Blade trilogy” and as well as the work of Octavia Butler, the event is geared to generate an exciting atmosphere that will bring together a variety of creative minds discussing African American portrayals in speculative fiction. The panel will include filmmaker Mike Sargent, Professors Frances Gateward and Kara Lynch and others in the field.

The conference keynote speaker, Ms. Dukan, a graduate from CUNY with a Master’s Degree in media and communication arts will also screen a 15 minute segment from her documentary work-in-progress “Invisible Universe: a history of blackness in speculative fiction.” This event will include a raffle drawing with collector’s prizes and an entertaining closing reception.

The Invisible Universe Foundation was founded in November of 2005 in New York City.
For further information please contact Ms. Asli Dukan, Executive Director at E-mail: info@invisibleuniversedoc.com and visit the website http://www.invisibleuniversedoc.com.

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