29 September 2006

Music Video premiere!!!

So I've got a little side project. Back in the summer, I directed a music video for the musical artist, Tamar-kali. Check it out on my MySpace page: Invisible Universe Check out her website: Tamar-kali the song is entitled, Boot. Really enjoyed working on the project with T, having been a fan of hers since 1996.

Ca: Tamar-kali, Tia Horn. Pr/Dir: M. Asli Dukan, DP: Yvie Raij, PD: Mark Gebel, MU: Angelique Turner, Gaf: Michael Britto, Yamar Ba, CA: Reyna Abarca, W: Imani Horn, PA: Doreen and Tia Horn, Zack Gebel, Marya Wethers, Ph: Scott Smith, Ed: Mike Mason

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