13 January 2009


Invisible Universe: a history of blackness in speculative fiction explores the relationship between the Black body and popular fantasy, horror and science fiction literature and film and the alternative perspectives produced by creators of color. This documentary features interviews with major writers, scholars, artists and filmmakers and explores comics, television, film and literature by deconstructing stereotyped images of Black people in the genres. The Invisible Universe documentary ultimately reveals how Black creators have been consciously creating their own universe.

The producer currently has an SD DV based 60 minute cut of the film but would like to re-edit that version and extend it into a 90 minute version. Ninety-five percent of the primary footage (interviews, b-roll, video clips, artwork, etc. has been acquired) and the first draft of the narration has been written. Ultimately we are aiming for distribution on public television, cable, DVD and on the Internet. We have been contacted by several distributors already in regards to our documentary.

The producer is seeking a creative and competent Final Cut Studio based editor who has their own equipment (however, we will supply hard drives for the project) and is able to communicate and preview chapter cuts via an Internet based work flow. The editor must have experience with editing documentary subject matter. Feature length work is preferred.

There is currently no budget for immediate payment, but the producer is seeking additional funds to complete the documentary and will contract for compensation with chosen editor.

The producer is looking to complete the new 90 minute cut by the beginning of April.

Please contact producer, M. Asli Dukan for more information at invisibleuniversedoc AT gmail DOT com.

Also please visit our websites at:

Facebook group - Invisible Universe documentary

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