29 October 2009

Full Spectrum's The Frighteners

Full Spectrum Live is a monthly forum where cutting-edge creators discuss the ideas and experiences behind their work; and where audiences quiz the panelists—and each other—about their place in the world.

This months panel was entitled The Frighteners and was a discussion with five creators who traffic in nightmares. It took place at Powerhouse Arena in DUMBO Brooklyn on New York on 29 October 2009.

The panelists were painter - Gloria Adams, writer - Clay McLeod Chapman, playwright - Desi Moreno-Penson, filmmaker - Jane Rose and television writer - Terence Taylor. The panel was moderated by Black Rock Coalition president, LaRonda Davis.

Each creator took turns introducing themselves and their work, as well as answering moderator and audience questions about the origins of fear and the changing definition of fear in art and how their work navigates the space between formulaic creations and over the top aggressive expressions as well as being original creations of their own experiences and imaginations.

The founders of Full Spectrum are Brian Tate and Danny Simmons.

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