28 March 2003

A New Frontier at Howard University

This is just the beginning. I've undertaken to do a really big project. How about that for my first documentary? So the idea is that I want to document, reveal and share the history of black representations in speculative fiction throughout its history. What is speculative fiction? Well its just an easier and shorter way to say, science fiction, horror and fantasy. For me its really just having some kind of fantastical element, whether its supernatural or magical realism, to tell a what if, if only or if this goes on kind of story. I've decided to start big too! Heard about the conference at Howard University, made contact with the organizer, Dr. Gregory Hampton and came down with a camera and an idea. Its a two day event and I haven't been to DC since I was a child on a school trip but I'm pretty resourceful and have decided to take it as it comes.