14 June 2004

Black to the Future SF Festival, Seattle, Washington


How in the hell did we do it?! This was a really big deal. I and my Director of Photography (or videography), Yvie Raij came to the northwest corner of the continental United States with a bunch of heavy equipment to document a 4 day monumental event. So these wonderful folk of color mostly at the CD Forum in Washington State got some money to put this festival together. They called it Black to the Future: A Black Science Fiction Festival for 3 days, 11 - 13 June 2004. I heard about it, got in contact with them, and figured out a way to get out here. They also invited me to show a trailer and speak on a panel about my project. Can I say nervous? Anyway did and made it through, but some of the events and people they brought together: Octavia Butler, Walter Mosley, Tananarive Due, Steven Barnes, Beth Coleman, The founders of The Carl Brandon Society, etc. Panels on literature, music, film, workshops on writing SF novels and comics, book signings and vendors room. Too bad this was just a one time event. It really should go on every year. One little note, as of this writing there seems to be a large representation of black folk in the genre in the part of the country, Butler, JT Stewart (Clarion West), Due and Barnes, Nisi Shawl and Ian Hagemann of the Carl Brandon Society. It is quite beautiful out here I have to say. I must keep that in mind too! Big Shout Out to Doug for letting us crash at his place while we were there! I won't forget your kindness man!