02 February 2005

Radio Interview for W.U.R.D. 900 AM Philly

Philly is a really interesting place. It kind of reminds me of where I grew up in Newark, New Jersey. Its a place with a large African American population and this is no statistic I've looked up. I can see it. Its a mix of struggle and progress like my homecity. Black folk who are caught up in the mess of poverty and racism and Black folk who are very progressive. Its like one time I was there documenting a Black SF panel one minute and the next minute there a police car chase going on between Temple University and the railroad station. (Compliments to Sheree Renee Thomas for that bit of info) Anyway another way its like Newark is that it has access to a local radio station which has an element of progressive Black programming. I remember growing up listening to Gary Imhotep Byrd first on a local station in Jersey and then at the old WLIB. So its a few days before I am to participate in a Blacks in SF writing panel at Temple and I get an email from Maurice Waters of Black SCI FI.COM about being on a radio show to promote the panel. So here I sat one night, sweaty and dirty (I was in the middle of my capoeira class) sitting in the hall of the new Alvin Ailey Studios in NYC on my cell phone being interviewed by the host Jeffrey Hart.